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Aurand Harris Memorial Playwrighting Award Jun 02

I recently had the honor of accepting the N.E.T.C.’s 2019 Aurand Harris Memorial Playwrighting Award.

The N.E.T.C. is one of the most vital theatre organizations in America, nourishing and giving life to strong, challenging new plays. Miss Hollywood takes place in the late sixties. It examines the hypocrisies, the bigotry, and the clashes of class and religion in one small town in New Jersey. At its center is a love triangle consisting of the smart, charming doctor’s son, Luke – the handsome, tough, working class Eddie – and the brilliant and beautiful Patti, Miss Hollywood, a young woman far ahead of her time.

It was such a privilege to be honored at the New England Theatre Conference Awards Ceremony, and to receive the prestigious Aurand Harris award for my new play, Miss Hollywood.

You can see the awards presentation here (My award presentation is at 40:16):