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World of Sinatras Jul 25

OVERVIEW and INTERVIEWS: I’ve spent my life writing, acting and directing. I was fortunate to have been a member of the great Circle Rep in its heyday, and I’m presently a member of the Actor’s Studio. Ten of my plays are published. Each has won a national Best New Play award. They’ve all been produced many times in NYC, and in regional theaters across the country. Two have been translated and published in French, to be produced in France by the Baz’Arts Company. And my play Broken Birds was produced in Dublin at Bewley’s Cafe Theatre. I’ve written films for USA Network and Nasser Entertainment. Several of my own film scripts have won national awards, one currently shot and in festivals. I’ve also acted in everything. Lead roles in dozens of plays in NYC and regional theatre; lead roles on All My Children and Another World. And leads in several independent films. My movie script, Imitate the Sun, which won First Prize in Hollywood’s esteemed American Accolades Competition, was, as I mention above, filmed as a short entitled Summer of ‘70 (SEE IMDB LINK:

Last year, I directed my award-winning play Broken Birds at the SOOP Theatre in Pelham, N.Y. Lastly, I’ve completed writing a TV pilot, King Dollar, based on my surreal experience as writer/performer for the cable show Basil Basset Bingo.

Below are some recent interviews where I discuss my work. First is an interview I did last year with WPVM in Asheville, No. Carolina. The show is “Blainesworld.” My spot (visual and audio) is the first 30 minutes. Please feel free to watch a bit, and jump around.


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Below is some press World of Sinatras has received during the workshop process (and like all my plays, you can read reviews on this site).

“An amazing play. I cannot remember the last time in a theater that I shared so much laughter and so many tears with such a great number of people. A true, collective poetry of the heart.”

Clark Middleton, Artistic Director, Apt. 929 Theatre Company

“A complete tour de force. It’s heartbreaking and hysterical all in the same moment. Sean O’Connor uses his considerable talents as writer, actor and poet to plumb the shattering cultural experience of America combusting in the sixties and the shattering personal experience of a family combusting at exactly the same time. It’s spellbinding.”

William Electric Black, Artistic Producer, La Mama E.T.C.

“A major new American work. It’s an intense, very funny and deeply poetic piece of theatre. Sean’s phenomenal gifts as both writer and actor are in high gear…it left a profound impact upon me.”

Kathy Towson, Managing Producer, Creative Voices Theatre Company, Creative Place Theatre, and the RCL Writers Workshop.

And below is some press for The Unraveling.

“There are moments in Theatre where we experience something that truly takes us somewhere else and Sean O’Connor’s THE UNRAVELING brought forth the magic to do just that. The writing was extraordinary and I didn’t just listen to the words, they engulfed my mind and my soul, thus obliterating any other emotions I had brought in the room. The characters were so beautifully brought into existence by such honest language I felt as if all my friends who had passed away during the 80’s came back into my life like a fire ball of light that carried me back into another time. Relationships were the subject, inn a period of time when we first began to enter the Aids crisis. Thank you Sean for caring so much about relationships. Thank you for caring about all who are gone and thank you from all who survived to live with the loving thoughts about the friends who were the generation that was lost. Theatre magic happened on the stage last night. It’s what I live for. My heart is so full of love and excitement from what I experienced.”

Adrienne Doucette, Artistic Director, Project Rushmore Theatre Company

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