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Note: Reviews for World of Sinatras are on the preceding page under the World of Sinatras listing.

Who Collects the Pain
“…the play builds so intensely that every scene is a small explosion leading to a larger explosion at the end…O’Connor’s dialogue is raw, with words as precise as the sounds coming from a fast jazz piano…a rare creature in the American theatre, a play that has something important to say and articulates it dramatically.” read the full review

There is an Angel in Las Vegas
“…a marvelously eloquent, deeply emotional and very funny evening…O’Connor’s words burst like fireworks over the Las Vegas landscape…This is a play that succeeds on many levels. ¬†Emotional, dramatic, comedic, poetic.” read the full review

New Truck for Paulie

“…a riveting, new drama…an exhilarating yet devastating experience…New Truck for Paulie is first-rate, intense stuff…O’Connor’s play completely zooms in on this moment of history and the family trapped within.” read the full review

“Sean O’Connor’s wonderful new play, Kidnapped…the language is filled with wild, rural American poetry…you’ll laugh your head off. ¬†And you might even find yourself strangely, surprisingly moved.” read the full review